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April 30 - May 1, 2025
North Javits Center | New York City


We’re pleased to introduce the Data Universe podcast, where the future of data and AI are explored and explained with leaders at the forefront of today’s most transformational enterprises, and start-ups driving the future of innovation. If you’re looking for fresh perspectives, tips, and strategies to inspire you to think big, uncovering deeper insights and possibilities, then tune in with us. These interviews are just a glimpse into the people and ideas you’ll see on our stages at Data Universe.



What Does an AI Leader Do? With Seth Dobrin, PhD
April 4, 2024

Seth Dobrin, PhD, founder and CEO of Qantm AI and author of “AI iQ for a Human-Focused Future: Strategy, Talent, and Culture” joins Adam Burns to answer a big one for business leaders. Does there need to be a Chief AI Officer? And if so, how do we measure their success? Plus: how the best are surfing the shift from traditional to generative AI. See Dr. Dobrin on stage at Data Universe.


AI Changes Everything Except… With Molly Presley
April 2, 2024

This episode, Molly Presley, senior vice president of global marketing at Hammerspace, and host of the Data Unchained podcast, joins Adam Burns. Molly answers the least asked question in AI (“what does it not change?”), discusses how organizations get themselves future-ready fast, and explains why governance is changing forever. See Molly on stage at Data Universe.


How to Make AI Work in Your Business with Shingai Manjengwa
March 27, 2024

Shingai Manjengwa, award-winning speaker and head of AI education at ChainML, joins host Adam Burns to explain why we all need to change our thinking on artificial intelligence. Plus: how to manage legitimate workplace concerns. And why you should focus less on the business sectors that are going to be disrupted, and a whole lot more on the business processes that have been. See Shingai on stage at Digital Universe.


Fix This First (Then Embrace AI) with Jack Phillips
March 25, 2024

Jack Phillips – CEO and founder of the International Institute for Analytics, joins host Adam Burns to explore the most pressing pains for chief data and analytics officers, the biggest leading indicator for AI success or AI failure, and the easiest ways to measure data and analytics maturity. See Jack on stage at Data Universe.


Leading Through Tech Change with Flavio Villanustre
March 19, 2024

Flavio Villanustre, chief information security officer and senior vice president of technology at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, joins host Adam Burns to discuss the critical role of leadership in times of technology change, the most exciting tech people aren’t using today, and the thing that’s going to change everything – for everyone – tomorrow. See Flavio on stage at Data Universe.


Making Data Easy and Open with Alex Merced
March 17, 2024

Alex Merced, host of the Web Dev 101 and Datanation podcasts, and developer advocate with Dremio, joins our host, Adam Burns, to talk all things data lakehouse. We know operational and analytical systems must work together to deliver awesome customer experience. So what exactly is holding organizations back? Visit Dremio at Data Universe to learn how to deliver faster data access


How to Power AI with Adrian Estala
March 15, 2024

Adrian Estala, vice president and field chief data officer with Starburst, joins host Adam Burns to discuss the future of data lake analytics, why total time to insight is the metric that matters, and the secret to truly valuable AI. Join Adrian at the modern architectures, data products, and AI stage at Data Universe.