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The American Statistical Association (ASA) plays a crucial role in advancing the fields of statistics and data science, fostering collaboration among professionals, and promoting the responsible and effective use of statistical and data science methods in various domains.  The ASA has been the preeminent organization for statisticians and data science professionals for over 180 years. It plays a pivotal role in fostering statistical literacy and proper use of data. The ASA is committed to creating a world where data and statistical thinking are central to driving discoveries and informing decisions.


DASCA positions itself as a key ally to industry leaders and stakeholders, providing them with cutting-edge bodies of data science knowledge. Its innovative programs are designed to cultivate the next cohort of versatile data professionals poised to thrive at the forefront of big data technologies. DASCA provides six global certification programs within three distinct credential tracks, catering to the highly sought-after professions of Big Data Engineering, Big Data Analytics, and Data Science.

Founded on one of the most robust Data Science knowledge frameworks – the DASCA-EKF™ – DASCA Certifications validate and test credential–holders in over 30 professions. Nothing else adds a bigger and more international edge to the employability of professionals in the Big Data industry today.


INFORMS is the premier association for professionals and students who apply science, math, technology, and analytics to solve the world’s most critical challenges. By keeping our members informed and fostering robust engagement, we empower them to drive better decision-making. We foster a vibrant professional community – both online and off – where any data or analytics professionals with questions or insights will find connections. We aim to be the first place our members go when they want to hire experts or find a new job opportunity.

International Institute for Analytics

IIA is a renowned organization that specializes in providing assessment and advisory services to companies aiming to embrace data-driven decision-making, advanced analytics, and AI. IIA has established itself as a leading authority in guiding businesses through the complexities of transitioning to advanced analytics and achieving higher levels of analytics maturity.Through its team of experts and industry practitioners, IIA offers tailored solutions, research, and best practices to help organizations harness the power of data to drive innovation, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve sustainable growth. IIA continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of data analytics and enabling companies to thrive in an increasingly data-driven world.

Solutions Monday

With deep connections in the data and AI industry, Solution Monday hosts and produces peer-to-peer technology summits and user conferences to build communities and create meaningful, solution-oriented conversations.  In 2023, Solution Monday launched the beta version of Stack Wizard, a peer-built data stack assembly wizard that shortens the time needed to evaluate integration feasibility or map the features of new data tools from days, weeks, or months to just seconds.


Women Leaders in Data and AI (WLDA) is the premier global leadership organization for high-achieving senior technology leaders on a journey to expand their leadership capabilities and create impact in parity and equity.

Members include women leaders in data and AI and their male allies in technology roles, at the C-Suite, VP, and similar roles.

WLDA is built around the principles of community, exclusivity, diversity, and trust. It is a place to connect, support, and develop impactful relationships with other successful leaders across the data, analytics, IT, ML, and AI fields. Learn more at 

Women in AI

Women in AI is on a mission to close the gender gap in Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence on all levels. All our programs are designed to increase the presence and eminence of women in this field. We are growing rapidly, and we are working towards being able to scale in a sustainable and mature way with our volunteers, processes and technology. We have 11,000 members across 150 countries, with 40+ Country Ambassadors and 200+ Volunteers. We are making change happen with 45,000+ social media followers.

Women in Analytics

Women in Analytics was founded in 2016 with the goal of supporting women in the analytics space and has grown into a global community focused on bringing visibility to women in the field while delivering top-notch analytics content. Their inaugural event took place in Columbus, OH and hosted an audience of 150 individuals. Since then, WIA has grown into a 8,000+ global member community and hosts two annual DataConnect events in the US.

Women In Data
Women in Data is an international non-profit organization dedicated to increasing diversity in data careers. Our achievements speak volumes: 5.7 million lives reached, 22,000 program participants, over 19,000 event attendees, and presence in over 50 countries. Our goal is bold yet achievable: to impact 10 million lives and ensure 30% female representation in data careers by 2030. We believe in a world where everyone, regardless of gender, can explore and benefit from data and AI. Embodying our core values of Community, Opportunity, Diversity, and Education, we are not merely envisioning a more inclusive industry—we are actively constructing it.

Women in Data
Women in Data® is a membership organization whose mission is to achieve gender parity in the Data and Tech industries. Our objective is to create interventions to attract more female and gender diverse data professionals to the industry and then ensure they are retained to maximize their individual career potential. Together with our partners and our 60,000+ community, we have a measurable, positive impact on pressing industry issues such as sector entry, career advancement, certification, role modelling, pay and inclusion.