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April 30 - May 1, 2025
North Javits Center | New York City



In order to register for a Media badge for Data Universe, you will need to be pre-approved by the Data Universe media team. Once approved you will be provided the registration link.

If you are providing or soliciting marketing services/agency work to exhibitors, you do not qualify as media and will not be granted a media badge. You must register as an exhibitor with the company you are representing.



The following types of media may register for a Media badge. Media badges will receive full access to Data Universe as well as the media-only areas.

  • Editorial media from accredited publications, newspapers, and broadcast media outlets (editor, reporter, blogger, podcaster, photographer, producer, and writer).  Registrants will need to provide examples of articles they have written and published in the data and AI space within the 6 months prior to registration.
  • Social media influencers- from LinkedIn, X, YouTube and other platforms - can register with the Media badge to receive full media access.
    • Social media influencer qualifications include:
      • Social media content creators who produce original content regularly.
      • Can demonstrate relevant coverage of products within the data & AI industry over a period of at least one year.
      • Have followers on YouTube greater than 5,000 individuals. LinkedIn, Youtube, and other social platform followings which are commensurate with this number will be reviewed and are subject to media team discretion.
      • Influencer produces relevant and appropriate content to the data industry. Demonstrates commitment to promoting vendor products at the show.
      • Influencer can commit to promotion of exhibitor products NOT promotion of Data Universe.


Submit the following information by email to [email protected], in order to request a Media badge.

  • Full Name
  • Title
  • Company
  • Company URL
  • Business Identification Card (business card, ID card, digital card, etc.)
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Personal LinkedIn
  • Social Media URLS if an influencer
  • Attach or link to 2-3 examples of work produced in the data and AI space within the last 6 months.

Upon receipt of your email, we will review your qualification and respond with any questions.  Please allow 5 days to receive a response.

Note: All final approvals for editorial media, advertising, and influencers are subject to the discretion of the Data Universe media team.