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April 30 - May 1, 2025
North Javits Center | New York City



Data Universe brings the brightest minds in data and AI together to accelerate data-driven transformations, with programming that takes a wide lens on industry developments and then double-clicks into the topics, tools, and insights that will be driving businesses' bottom lines and evolution across data, analytics, and AI over the next 12 months. 

The below 10 program themes are broken out by category:

10,000 FEET



Big Picture: The Global View of Data, Analytics, ML & AI

Data is THE global opportunity. New ideas happen everywhere. Being the first to hear about them is a competitive advantage. Understanding how to protect your multinational customers’ data is both competitive advantage and cost saving. If you’re not looking up, you’re missing out. Join us at the horizon of a better-connected world.

Trends, Tools & Techniques: What Works & How to Do It

AI transformation is happening faster than digital transformation. The world’s largest businesses are investing heavily in data in search of the competitive edge. So…what’s working, where, why, and how can you do it too? From managing data models for LLM training to automation to ML, NLP, RPA, IoT, Generative AI and much, much more. Experience today’s hottest tech and trends and discover our experts’ top tips for tomorrow.

Accelerate: Generative AI & Maximizing AI Across Business

Actionable insight, instant efficiencies, simpler interfaces, happier customers: AI promises everything, everywhere, all at once. This is where we find out what it delivers today. Discover proven and effective ways to augment and optimize talent and technology. Join us to go bigger, better, faster, now.

The AI Leader: Articulate Strategy, Build Trust & Create Revenue

To deliver on the promise of AI, clarity of vision is as important as computational competence. The AI leader articulates the North Star, simplifies the complex, and solves cultural problems, building trust so transformation can take root. But what are the most in-demand skills and inspirational case studies? Join us to hear from the best in business as we explore everything you need to lead.

Digital Transformation Delivered: Building & Sustaining A Data-Driven Culture

The world has woken up to the vast potential of data. Those who understand and leverage it best, will build and lead tomorrow’s fast-growing, high-performing businesses. But this is about more than strategy: talent is as important as technology. What training works? How do you embed an innovation culture? What creates a virtuous circle of upskilling and career pathways? How can we deliver explainability at scale? Discover our universe of experts here.

Privacy, Ethics, Security, Governance: The Competitive Advantage

Our hardest challenges are our biggest opportunities. CEOs are solving ethical challenges, their no. 1 concern for AI. Developers are working out how to establish trust, their biggest ML implementation challenge. Boards are creating more agile regulatory frameworks for data protection, so companies can move more quickly. Join us to find out exactly how data privacy, ethics, security and governance are moving from drag factor to X-factor.

Data, Data Everywhere: Why Unification & Democratization Matter

Data will create incredible business transformation when everyone can access it and work together on it – from data scientists to HR, analysts to marketers, developers to finance. Unification is vital; democratizing access is strategically crucial. These sessions highlight exactly how to bring it all together, so you can remove the roadblocks and let amazing innovation happen!

Future Ready: Lakes, Clouds & Architecture That’s Built to Last

Brave new worlds grow from solid foundations. To build a new world of sharper insights, better products and deeper CX, businesses need operational and analytical systems working together, on the same data, in near real time. That’s why we’re staying focused on everything you need to know about future-ready infrastructure: lakes, clouds, and everything in between.

The Future For Science & Engineering: Datasets & Decision-Making, Insights & Communication

The way we use data is consistently evolving as organizations seek to improve processes and increase automation. But smarter decision-making and smoother customer experience are stealing focus, and sales is ripe for transformation. Which means new demands, new skills and new opportunities for tomorrow’s scientists and engineers. This is our deep dive into the journey from cost-center to value-add: datasets to decision-making, insights and communication.

Unleash The Power of Analytics & Visualization

Data is the key to unlocking trillions of dollars in value in almost every business sector. Analytics and visualization are vital to unlocking that data. When we interrogate and visualize challenging datasets better, we make smarter decisions faster, and move from data to insight to action quicker. Join us to explore everything new with this complexity-reducing, competitiveness-increasing, business-changing blend of science and art.