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April 30 - May 1, 2025
North Javits Center | New York City



AI & Web 3.0/LinkedIn

Ms. Phillips, a dynamic entrepreneur and a dedicated PhD candidate in Business Administration focusing on business intelligence, embodies a unique blend of academic rigor and pragmatic expertise, particularly in the realm of pricing optimization utilizing artificial intelligence. Her executive leadership at Inner Works Pro, steering it towards intelligent automation projects, and her advisory role in the Digital Marketing Certificate Program at The George Washington University School of Business, portray a seasoned professional adept at bridging theory with real-world application.

A commendable facet of Ms. Phillips’ profile is her military background as a combat veteran, which has imbued her with a disciplined approach to her ventures. This disciplined ethos extends to her philanthropic endeavors, most notably with SAVI - Strategic Alliance Veteran Integration, a nonprofit committed to facilitating a smooth transition for military members into civilian sectors. Under her guidance, SAVI launched the Tech Program, opening doors for military veterans to modern-day tech opportunities, resonating with her professional and academic trajectory focused on tech-driven solutions.

As an advisor for the Data Universe event, Ms. Phillips’ diverse background converges to offer a rich, multifaceted perspective. Her engagement in intelligent automation, coupled with her research in AI-driven pricing optimization, aligns with the event's mission to foster a robust dialogue on data, analytics, and AI. Her military discipline, combined with her passion for tech-centric social impact, brings a distinctive depth to the advisory board.

Ms. Phillips' role at the Data Universe event is a synergic platform, poised to enrich the dialogues on data and AI innovations with her seasoned insights, while also reflecting her continual commitment to leveraging tech for societal advancement. Her presence on the advisory board not only augments the quality of discourse but also epitomizes the blend of tech-savvy entrepreneurship and socially conscious engagement that the Data Universe event aspires to promote.